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Family Law

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The challenges facing a family court litigant are often times daunting. The selection of an attorney to represent you involves establishing a close and sensitive relationship which may span months and perhaps years. The family law attorneys at Mitchell Ramseur, LLC provide legal services in a wide spectrum of areas:

  • Separation and Divorce
  • Alimony and Spousal Support
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Modification of Prior Orders
  • Enforcement/Contempt
  • Equitable Apportionment of Assets and Debts
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Termination of Parental Rights/Adoption
  • Appeals
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration

Separation and Divorce: Understanding the consequences of separating from one’s spouse is vital to understanding one’s rights and responsibilities relative to his or her spouse and children. Through mediation, arbitration, or litigation, our firm can help you gain equitable results from your divorce, including fair distribution of assets, division of marital home, alimony, child support payments and child custody rights.

Alimony and Spousal Support: Alimony or spousal support is financial support paid to either spouse based on a number of factors including: actual income of the parties, marital standard of living, length of marriage, age, health and educational background of the parties, the parties’ earning capacity, and the relative needs of each party.

Property Division: South Carolina law provides for “equitable distribution” of marital property. Whether your marital property involves real estate, businesses, professional practices, securities and stock options, complex retirement plans, or any other form of property, our firm has the knowledge and experience to deal with the most complex marital property division matters.

We understand the fundamental importance of marital property valuation, including real property appraisals and business valuations. We routinely work with a team of experts including: forensic accountants, tax specialists, appraisers and are dedicated to ensuring that your property remains protected throughout the divorce process.

Child custody and visitation: Resolving custody of the children can be one of the most difficult and emotional aspects of a divorce. Custody is divided into two separate forms: physical and legal. Physical custody focuses on determining where the children will live and creating a visitation schedule that will ensure that each parent can maintain a meaningful relationship with the children.

Legal custody deals with the rights and responsibilities of making decisions for the children. Our firm will provide you with the necessary information and clear guidance about your choices and the options that best fit the needs of your children.

Child support: In the state of South Carolina, the Child Support Guidelines sets forth a statutory formula for calculating child support based on the number of children in a given household and the respective income of the children’s parents.

Utilizing the Guidelines, we will make every reasonable effort to ensure you receive or pay an equitable amount of the financial support required to raise your children in a healthy, happy home.

Modification of Prior Orders: Court orders concerning custody, visitation, and support remain the same unless and until the court modifies them. If either party experiences a significant change in circumstances, we can guide you through the proper legal procedures to modify the order accordingly.

Mediation: Mediation puts the decisions in your hands and can often provide more expedient, predictable results than trial. The skilled negotiators at Mitchell Ramseur, LLC can help you obtain an equitable settlement.

Prenuptial agreements: A prenuptial agreement can alleviate some of the stress should you ever divorce. It is also a valuable tool in estate planning with blended families. We can assist you you’re your prenuptial agreement with the experience necessary to guide you through what is often a delicate negotiation.

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